Worker guiding system

Worker guiding systems are digital assembly manuals in our factory software Elution® with text, photos and video – providing what is essentially a ‘step-by-step guide’. As a prestigious 4.0 solution provider, ELABO GmbH develops and delivers these kinds of solutions for manufacturing. Depending on the specific task at hand, ELABO develops the necessary assembly control, variant management or assistance systems. ELABO is in great demand internationally in the fields of networked workstations and semi-automated assembly. Within the general context of Big Data, ELABO develops systems such as SES (Shopfloor Execution System), CIS (Connected Industry System), FIM (Flexible Innovative Assembly System) and

OSE (Overall Shopfloor Effectiveness). ELABO can also supply all of the components needed for an ergonomic workstation. From electronics workstations and ESD workstations to repair workstations or assembly workstations – every model is equipped with adjustable workbenches, storage walls and modern lab equipment.