SES – Shopfloor Execution System

The term SES (Shopfloor Execution System) is one that ELABO has helped to coin to describe the optimisation of activities on the shop floor carried out by companies involved in discrete manufacturing. Promoted by ELABO as a USP, SES envisages the optimum combination of two fundamental elements: workstation handling and work step handling. In the ‘automation pyramid’, SES is located underneath software solutions at the company level (ERP) and for job control (MES), and is capable of bidirectional data exchange. ELABO is a 4.0 solution provider. Accordingly, the company is specialised in solutions for achieving zero defect production. Accordingly, everything is about Big Data, based in turn on process management and process analysis. ELABO develops solutions for assembly control. An assistance system such as a worker guiding system is suitable for use at assembly workstations. Here, ELABO also offers well-designed workplace lighting that utilises customer-specific lighting control systems. Ideally, a networked workstation will also be equipped with adjustable workbenches. ELABO provides equipment for: training workstations, repair workstations, ESD workstations and every electronics workstation.