Safety testing

Safety testing is used to avoid the risk of accidents. Specifically, a series of tests and inspections of this kind must be performed by electronic equipment makers – to ensure that a product housing does not conduct electricity, for example. At the end of a production line, the end-of-line test is usually performed on a test bench. Based in Crailsheim, Germany, ELABO GmbH is a leading manufacturer of reliable, high-precision test units that are also deployed in electrical labs. ELABO produces and markets instruments for protective conductor testing, leakage current test units, insulation resistance test units and high-quality hi-pot test units. The company also offers everything required by modern electronics workstations. Adjustable workbenches and storage walls designed to match requirements are essential for ensuring ergonomic production. An ergonomic workstation from ELABO means a boost to the productivity, health and wellbeing of company workers. ELABO has the same level of expertise in equipping training workstations. Here, each and every assembly workbench is height-adjustable. A networked workstation from ELABO is thought highly of in a diverse range of industries worldwide. Lighting management, worker guiding systems, variant management, customer-specific interfaces and assistance systems tailored to workers’ needs all work to support zero defect production.