Programming station

ELABO GmbH supplies programming stations that are used to flash firmware, for example. The company specialises in lab equipment and networked workstations. The ergonomically sophisticated ESD workstation in the electrical lab, the repair workstation and the training workstation from ELABO all offer an impressive level of quality. As a 4.0 solution provider, ELABO offers everything for ergonomic production: from adjustable workbenches and turnkey assembly workstations to workplace lighting with sophisticated lighting control systems for greater wellbeing in the workplace. Semi-automated assembly using assistance systems for workers, known as worker guiding systems, and assembly control systems are fast-growing business segments at ELABO GmbH. Variant management, data analysis, process management and process analysis are functions that ELABO implements as customer-specific solutions for on-site workstations. The product range also extends to providing optimum power supply components.