OSE – Overall Shopfloor Effectiveness

The 4.0 solution provider ELABO assigns its business segment of data analysis to the category of OSE, or Overall Shopfloor Effectiveness. Examples here include ELABO Analyser, as well as the collection of KPIs and OEE key figures. ELABO is a leading player in the field of Big Data. Networked workstations from ELABO are typically equipped with: worker guiding systems, assistance systems, assembly control systems and traceability. These are either assembly workstations, ESD workstations, training workstations or repair workstations. ELABO also equips entire electrical labs with innovative components. Lab equipment from ELABO has been viewed as the industry standard for years. For safety testing, for example, ELABO supplies units for protective conductor testing. And the company’s portfolio also includes leakage current test units and hi-pot test units.