Networked workstation

Networked workstations – as used in smart factories, for example (in-line workstation) – are implemented by ELABO GmbH. The company specialises in semi-automated assembly solutions for manufacturing. As a 4.0 solution provider, ELABO is known worldwide by global players for its digitalised workstation systems. From lighting management, worker guiding systems and variant management to assistance systems tailored to user needs: ELABO designs and delivers customer-specific solutions. These also include testing software, measuring instrument software and data analysis. ELABO also equips electrical labs. Lab equipment, storage walls, all-in-one assembly workstations – the Crailsheim-based company is a partner for manufacturers the world over. ELABO also manufactures test systems and instruments. Components for safety testing and end-of-line testing offer impressive reliability: hi-pot test units, leakage current test units, everything needed for protective conductor testing, as well as insulation resistance test units.