Measuring software

ELABO supplies measuring software as well as testing software for electronics workstations and ESD workstations in electrical labs. The company, which are develops tailor-made measuring instrument software, is a seasoned supplier of lab equipment. The measuring device specialist manufactures test systems for safety testing. These range from leakage current test units to hi-pot test units and made-to-measure, integrated end-of-line testing systems. ELABO has positioned itself as a 4.0 solution provider. This also includes providing an optimum power supply for the workstation, the programming station adapted to worker needs, and test software for quality assurance. ELABO also advises and assists its customers in the fields of SES (Shopfloor Execution System), CIS (Connected Industry System), FIM (Flexible Innovative Assembly System) and OSE (Overall Shopfloor Effectiveness). ELABO also ‘speaks’ Big Data!