Insulation resistance test unit

Who supplies insulation resistance test units? ELABO GmbH is a leading manufacturer in the field of testing, measuring and inspection instruments. For any electronics workstation and any electrical lab, ELABO offers a full set of equipment – from units for protective conductor testing and safety testing to leakage current test units and hi-pot test units. This devices can also be used in training workstations, for which ELABO also offers a full range of products. Need an ergonomic workstation? Adjustable workbenches and the necessary storage walls can also be supplied by ELABO. The repair workstations and assembly workstations from ELABO can be equipped with an intelligent lighting management system. ELABO has kept pace with new trends and developed itself into a 4.0 solution provider: worker guiding systems, variant management, data analysis, Big Data and semi-automated assembly are the key topics for this forward-looking partner for manufacturing.