FIM – Flexible Innovative Assembly System

The product idea for FIM (“Flexibles Innovatives Montagesystem” in German) arose from a partnership between ELABO and Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart. The core idea consisted of a height-adjustable assembly base system, consisting of two pillars and a work surface, which various mobile functional units could be flexibly ‘docked into’ both from the front and from the rear. Either for the supply of B- and C-parts or for the supply and removal of the products to be assembled. ELABO is a prestigious supplier in the field of Industry 4.0 (4.0 solution provider). Networked workstations, assembly control systems, individual, customisable assistance systems, worker guiding systems and workplace lighting – ELABO designs and supplies them all. ELABO’s ergonomic workstations are in great demand internationally. The goal of all spending on the part of manufacturing is achieving zero defect production. Variant management, traceability and testing software – all supplied by ELABO to customer requirements. ELABO has been a leading supplier of electrical lab equipment for many years. ELABO can equip any type of electronics workstation. Lab equipment from ELABO represents the best, ‘made in Germany’ quality and is in use around the world. ELABO also supplies equipment for ESD workstations, repair workstations and training workstations. In addition, ELABO also supplies tools for safety testing, including end-of-line testing.