ESD workstation

ELABO is a manufacturer and supplier of ESD (electrostatic discharge) workstations. This is an electrically conductive workstation, optionally equipped with an ESD monitor. ELABO is a trusted equipment supplier in the field of electronic workstations. Quality is the key feature of ELABO’s electrical lab. As a specialist for lab equipment, ELABO supplies both test systems and storage walls, for example, or turnkey assembly workstations (height-adjustable assembly workbenches). ELABO is a recognised leader in the field of ergonomic production. An ergonomic workstation and an ergonomic assembly workstation from ELABO hugely simplifies day-to-day tasks for assembly workers. This also increases productivity. The training workstation also comes from the Crailsheim-based company, which also develops test systems and measuring software. As a 4.0 solution provider, ELABO offers more: networked workstations, semi-automated assembly, assembly control and measuring instrument software. Other business segments in which ELABO enjoys international success include process management, process analysis and product traceability.