CIS − Connected Industry System

Conceptual basis for CIS to date: The three core functional components – connectivity unit, control unit and technical unit – are configured into a static overall system when ordered.

New CIS concept: The three units mentioned above are modularised, so that each of them can be flexibly adjusted to the individual requirements of the users at any time. For the control unit, for example, the user configures the user interface on a tablet according to the ‘smartphone model’. ELABO is introducing smart concepts as a 4.0 solution provider. A networked workstation, including assembly control (worker guiding system/assistance system), is a key tool in the field of Industry 4.0. Big Data solutions – namely comprehensive data analysis, data management or process management systems – are also offered by ELABO. The company is also a leading developer and supplier of solutions for ergonomic workstations and ergonomic assembly workstations. ELABO provides innovative facilities and equipment for electrical labs, repair workstations and training workstations. Other highlights of the company’s portfolio: components for safety testing, such as hi-pot test units, units for protective conductor testing and leakage current test units.