Assistance system

An assistance system for workers – used for assembly control, for example – is indispensable in the field of semi-automated assembly. ELABO is a specialist in this area. Worker guiding systems, product traceability, process management and process analysis, for example, are all becoming more important at the Industry 4.0 workstation. Ergonomic assembly workstations, height-adjustable workbenches and an optimal power supply for the workstation are other important product areas for ELABO GmbH. Everything is focused on ergonomic production. ELABO is a 4.0 solution provider.

ELABO also supplies equipment for the modern electrical lab. Lab equipment from ELABO, including storage walls, represents the best ‘Made in Germany’ quality. ELABO offers all of the modules requires for end of line testing and safety testing – and for the ESD workstation and the repair workstation.