Assembly workstations

Who can supply modern assembly workstations? ELABO GmbH is a leading manufacturer in the field of ergonomic productionErgonomic assembly workstations and ergonomic workstations – ELABO also offers optimised assistance systems for workers. An electronics workstation or ESD workstation not bearing the ELABO name is almost unthinkable: the company is, after all, the leader in the field of lab equipment – such as for electrical labs. ELABO also designs and supplies modern repair workstations for its clients. All of the equipment for training workstations is also offered in the company’s product range. Measuring software and measuring instrument software from ELABO offers an impressive level of usability. ELABO is a specialist for semi-automated assembly. A networked workstation from the company is equipped individually, with variant management, assembly control systems, traceability or process interlocking.