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Smart Industry


Smart Industry - integrated through the Smart Factory


Smart Industrie

The digital revolution and the 4.0 Industry are currently topics at the centrer of attention. At the heart of these topics is the ability for the different value creation departments within industrial companies, to communicate in real time with one another; what we refer to today as digital network.



Our comprehensive Smart Industry approach is a perfect demonstration of the implementation of the principle. The R&D depatment (and prototype building associated), the small and large series-production assemblies as well as quality control and service, no longer operate as unrelated departments, using diferent tools between which miscommunication is a frequent issue.



Elabo Smart Industry 02


In our „Smart Industry 4.0“ these siginificant value adding departments are connected at all times thanks to a software database solution. With access from anywhere in the world, the same high level of efficiency is guaranteed as well as perfect quality and communication between depatments, whcich saves your company precious time.


Elabo Smart Industry 03




Our Premium solution: the information management by Elabo

Our module-based system which belongs to Elabo's Information management, links every individual workstation at all times, for a modern 4.0 data management system and can be adapted to your specific requirements and needs.


Datenmanagement Video 4.0


Thanks to our software, you can be sure that the right information at the right time and place will always be available from Big Data. That way industrial companies can provide - for all, small and large firms - significant efficiency, transperency and quality while cutting costs.


Advantages of Smart Industry

With the Smart Factory 4.0, your workstation will be „smart“, which means that intelligent access control and time recordings are available in the system.



Supplementary functions:


Workstations and working spaces are controlled by a combined light management


We pay attention to ergonomics, because we know how important an ideal working height is and that it depends on the person or working precess. With the Smart Factory 4.0 this feature is guaranteed. 


With a remote control you have access to the system from anywhere in the world, on the road or at home via a tablet.

Your work improves itself through automatic and changing documentation for every work stage.


Your applications:

- Development processes will be accelerated, so that "time-to-market" is reduced
- Communication in real time between supply chains
- A high level of data security gueranteed
- Your customers receive a real time based after sales communication as well as individual information. This contributes to a higher customer's satisfaction.
- Integrated quality controls ensure the best quality.
- Through "smart" work with intelligent tools (tablets for example) increases the satisfaction of your employees.

With the help of solutions provided by the euromicron group, we make sure that our workatation's network system meet high performance requirements, thanks to integrated surveillance technology and fail-proof network infrastructure. The accompanying IT - safety solutions protect all processes that will impinge outside of the Smart Industry.

Souds too goood to be true? We invite all those interested to come and visit us in Crailsheim, and see for themselves in our showcase how practical the 4.0 Industry already is today !



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