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Measuring and Testing Equipment
Individual test devices
Precise. Reliable.

Elabo is one of the leading international developers and manufacturers of testing systems for electrical devices, function modules, assemblies and components. The measuring and testing devices are used for both random sample testing and routine testing during series production, as well as type testing (approbation) in the laboratory. All of Elabo’s systems meet the latest requirements of industry and of the leading test institutes. 

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Using individual test devices
The Elabo product range includes devices for measuring and testing, among other, the resistance of protective earth conductors and insulation, high voltages and leakage current, and a wide variety of function tests. In addition, Elabo can supply an extensive assortment of system components, such as voltage supply devices and industrial PCs.

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Expanding individual test devices into a system
Individual test devices can be expanded to provide more complex solutions as required. For example, they can be installed in an automated production line, or they can be incorporated into the ERP system by means of Elabo’s device drivers and software solutions. Also, various devices and other components such as PCs and printers can be mounted in mobile units.

F1-1A 500 Schraegbild   High Performance
Elabo points the way towards the future with its compact, intelligent and flexible High Performance devices series . The key advantage of Elabo’s devices is their modular design, which allows them to be flexibly combined with other expansion and accessory modules. 

BestPerformance   Best Performance
After introducing the series of High Performance devices in April 2010, Elabo will launch a series of Best Performance devices. This line of newly developed measuring and test devices will also reliably and precisely allow all the required functionalities to be implemented and displayed. Thanks to its optional design, for example the use of a single-colour display, this series will be available at a very favourable price.

Bewaehrt   Tried and proven components
Tried and proven devices continue to be part of our product spectrum, such as voltage supply systems, the U/I measurement module and also the resistance measuring device.