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Technical Workstations
ESD Work Station

Safety at the work station

ESD stands for “electrostatic discharges”. In everyday scenarios, such discharges can be detected during an electrical storm in the form of flashes. Likewise, an electrostatic discharge occurs as soon as you touch the door handle or operate on carpeted floors with plastic shoes. In doing so you will experience an electric shock, which in this case will be harmless. When working with sensitive components, discharges over 100V can damage these components and greatly shorten their lifespan. To prevent such damages, special safety zones need to be established in electronic manufacturing areas.

By establishing EPA, Elabo receives its certification, and that since the first workstation was created: the workstation Primus One can avoid many error sources by creating a related self-controlled ESD protection. With the development of this system, working around ESD protection norms is almost directly excluded.

Prinus One – safe and protected

The workstation system Primus One can only be put into operation once the user correctly integrates a functional grounding armband in the earth circuit. If errors can already be found in the workstation system, Primus One will not be turned on. If the operation has failed, a warning signal will be displayed. A secure ESD workstation is set to automatically switch off when errors occur while operating normally at the wrist or table. This makes possible to create a self-controlled EPA for the ESD workstation, through a monitoring unit positioned between the FI safety switch and main switch. This determines whether the grounding circuit is closed in compliance with the safety norms of current flow. Furthermore this will prevent or end the self-controlled grid connection of the system. This way the grounding armband is also subject to a permanent control on whether is working or not and the otherwise testing by external equipment is eliminated.