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ELABO awarded a large order


Testing, our key competence, is rewarded with a large order.


Elabo constructs production lines for washing machine and tumble-drier panels for the American market. There was considerable joy throughout the company offices of ELABO in Crailsheim recently, when the company was awarded a large order. The contract valued at the proud sum of 2.0 million euros is thus among the largest in the company's history. In the "Automatic Test Systems" department, the experts have now commenced work on the development of a semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly and testing facility for the production of washing machine and tumble-drier panels.

ELABO erhält Großauftrag

CRAILSHEIM. The company sees this order as something very special, since it does not concern workstations, a field of activity in which Elabo has been able to assert itself and is widely recognised as a market leader, but the "Test Systems" division. Walter Waletzek, head of "Test Systems Sales", who is responsible for landing the assignment, is exceptionally pleased with this development: "This order can be interpreted as acknowledgement and recognition of the ongoing development of the "Automatic Test Systems" department that we been pursuing consistently for years. Not least, this order resulted from a very similar order placed some three years ago. Whilst the order concerned a small-scale development, it allowed the company to demonstrate its skills.


All ELABO test equipment and systems are geared to quality assurance and last but not least aid the monitoring of and compliance with national and international standards and laws. In the case of this major contract, the client's customer and end customer are renowned companies and themselves market leaders in their industrial sectors. "The importance of the order cannot be valued highly enough considering these companies and the fact that we have been able to assert ourselves against internationally renowned competitors", adds Walter Waletzek without wishing to name specific names.


The team of experts at Elabo is now concentrating on the development of a partially semi-automatic and partially fully automatic assembly and testing facility for the production of washing machine and tumble drier panels. The plastic panels house the complete control electronics of the washing machine or tumble drier. The scope of production and testing includes a cable loom that links the electronics to the heating, system, the motor, the pump and magnetic valves. In addition to the testing, the company's real core competence, this system will also take on the assembly of the product. At the end of a completed assembly cycle, the preceding work steps are then immediately tested.


All in all, this is a rather complex order, since connecting up the individual systems and interlinking the individual systems to the central data logging facility requires no fewer than 12 PCs equipped with a comprehensive ELABO software package. Besides the mechanical and electronic key activities, particular demands will be made on the testing and data management software. This presents the ELABO project team with a huge challenge; one that they are very keen to rise to.


In addition to what is already a rather complex order, the location is also making high demands on both the system as well as the project team. The production line is destined for the American market. That is why it will be essential to comply with the prevailing regulations in the USA. ELABO has consulted a TÜV expert (German Technical Inspection Authority) expressly for this purpose. The development is scheduled for completion by May of next year at the latest. After a 2-3-week ocean voyage, the production line will be assembled and commissioned on-site in America. In the medium term, ELABO will not only be able to present itself as a market leader in the workstations segment, but within a relatively short space of time will also be able to make a similar claim in the more recent and as yet slightly less well-known Test Systems segment.


Hohenloher Tagblatt 07.11.2002.

Author: Astrid Hackenbeck



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