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Elabo TaCom with TFT-Monitors


Elabo launches the flat-screen version its process control system Elabo TaCom. A total of up to 8 monitors can be installed in two levels per segment.

Elabo TaCom mit TFT-Monitoren

TFT monitors entail a variety of benefits for the user, which can be vitally important under certain operating conditions. These include, for example, the fact that neither dust generation nor thermal emission is detectable. This can have a significant effect on the atmosphere in the room and hence the users' ability to concentrate when a large number of monitors are in use.


For the growing number of users wishing to reap these benefits, Elabo now offers Elabo TaCom TFT. The flat-screen version of the innovative system developed by Elabo is extremely variable, ergonomically optimised and functional in an exemplary fashion. The professional, aesthetically pleasing design is predestined for use in a prestigious environment. At the same time the solid construction means that it can also be used on the production line.


Elabo TaCom TFT can be used both as a system involving a single workstation and consisting of a single segment or can be expanded into an interlinked system either in sequence or in variable radii. A total of up to 8 conventional monitors can be installed in two levels per segment. The monitors are available in the following sizes: 19", 17" and 15".


Ergonomic factors played a significant role when it came to designing Elabo TaCom TFT. Thus, for example, the desktop is sloped downwards at the back, making it possible to vary the height of the monitors, enabling users to adjust the screen to precisely the right height. The monitors can swivel freely in a horizontal and vertical plane and can be adjusted along the horizontal plane, and it is possible to make all the necessary adjustments quickly and easily. The adjustment can be accessed via the socket panel on the back, which can be removed using a quick-release fastener.


Countless functional details increase the benefits when it comes to using Elabo TaCom TFT. These include, for example, the noise absorbing padding affixed to the screen walls of segments without monitors. A range of boards and mini containers for CDs, notes, manuals and other documentation see to it that your desktop remains clear and tidy.


The desktop edge, which in the standard version is supplied in wood, comes with plastic protective edging; unsightly damages to the edge of the desktop caused by knocking chair armrests against it are thus a thing of the past.


Those who opt for the flat-screen version will be able to reap all the benefits offered by Elabo TaCom:

- Optional EMC and ESD protection,

- The outstanding modularity that makes it possible to adjust the system to changing requirements without any problems,

- The easily accessible Tec Safe,

- Pull-out bases, 19" locating tracks, wiring systems and lockable cladding,

- Ventilator and air conditioning,

- The detachable desktop,

- The adaptability to the corporate design of the respective client, and much, much more...


It goes without saying that the full Elabo TaCom service is available for the TFT version, which can include, depending the customer's requirements, workstation analysis, personalised planning, the electrification of entire - even pre-assembled - data and electrical installations as well as on-site assembly.



Link: Contact Elabo customer service


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