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Olympus Corporation launches MEA HQ, using Elabo Primus One System


On January 30th 2017, Olympus Corporation officially opened their Middle East and Africa Headquarters, located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Haven Automation are proud to have been involved in the planning and supply of workstations and furniture for the facility, utilising the new Primus One range by Elabo GmbH. Technical and goods inwards areas have been equipped with the new Primus One range, which is the next generation from the InForm range used in previous projects. Workstations supplied to the technical areas include functional features such as LED lighting, cable routing and power supply sockets, all integrated to allow a clear and open working area. These workstations also incorporate lockable under-table cabinets and drawer units, enabling secure storage of tools close to the working area. Separate lockable cabinets and storage units of varying sizes and capacities were also supplied, meaning that all tools for the tasks at hand are kept close by, securely and safely. In addition to work benches, the goods inwards areas were equipped with open shelving units, giving convenient and practical access to items when necessary.


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Haven Automation have been assisting Olympus Corporation to outfit several of their projects, starting when they began the total rebuild of their Southend (UK) Facility in 2002. Haven helped to plan the technical areas, supplying Elabo’s InForm range of technical workstations. In order to create a standard, harmonious working look and feel within the facility, Olympus chose to also equip the facilities administrative, stores, and management offices with Elabo’s matching range of office furniture. Items such as secure cabinets, desks and seating complement the design of the technical areas. The InForm range was a ground-breaking design concept when it was first introduced in 1992 and continues to be as functional and expandable today.

Having successfully completed the rebuild of Southend, Olympus returned to Haven in 2003 to assist in the planning and supply of products to their next new site, in Ireland. Having already established a good working relationship through the Southend project, Haven was familiar with Olympus’ requirements, so similar items from the InForm range were supplied, such as Technical workbenches & workstations, with the same integrated functional features as Southend. Stores areas were equipped with secure cabinets and associated furniture.


Another new project followed almost immediately, with the construction of Olympus’ New York facility in 2004. Similar technical workstations, workbenches, storage and associated furniture to those used in Southend and Ireland were supplied.

Over the years these existing facilities have been expanded and modernised to accommodate additional staff and changing business requirements. Olympus repeatedly fall back on Haven’s experience of the Elabo range, in order to plan and supply the new items that are required to meet the continually changing demands. This has culminated in the latest aforementioned project in UAE.

Olympus greatly appreciate the various options and high quality that is offered within both the InForm and Primus One ranges, as it consistently compliments their ever changing requirements. Their continued use within the organisation has helped to create a harmonious and familiar working environment across their different facilities, which will continue long into the foreseeable future.


Olympus Corporation launches MEA HQ, using Elabo Primus One System

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