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“ELABO Primus One ESD lab convinced”



Kongsberg Automotive is a Norwegian manufacturer focusing on world class products to the global vehicle industry. The company has offices and production plants worldwide and around 10 000 employees.  


In 2014 a Tech Center was created in Mullsjö with a new electronic lab. The lab handles a wide range of areas as R&D, product design, prototype building, software programming, diagnostics and tests.


When planning for the new Tech Center a crucial part was the work benches and work spaces.

Michael Heath, Electronic Engineer at Kongsberg R&D, gives us the background.


“The expansion of electronics into our products meant that we had to prepare with more space and better organisation of our lab working environment. We had some older ESD benches but they were too small and already worn.”

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Beside the ESD requirements for the benches there was more on the specification list. Michael Heath continues:


“We wanted an environment that looked good, not only for those who worked in it but also for visitors since the Tech Center is a well visited place.  It also needed to provide as much working surface area as possible, as much storage as possible, with clear organisation of tools, instruments, consumables, components and projects. It needed to be well lit, comfortable and safe.”

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Elit presented the Elabo bench solution during the time the plans for the Tech Center were put toghether and Kongsberg were able to look at the many options available. After deciding on the layout and dimensions, Elabo created a 3D-plan and delivered a 3D-visualisation to show the complete solution.


Kongsberg chose the Elabo ESD Primus One as a base adding corner tables, high cabinets and blue power columns to name just a few features.


Michael Heath concludes “Since the initial bench order in 2014 we have enhanced the lab twice by adding extra benches”.



“ELABO Primus One ESD lab convinced”

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