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Elabo starts with new partner Spectro Data successfully in Russia


Thanks to Spectro Data it was possible to equip a control center for transportation & traffic monitoring in Novosibirsk. The customer’s requirements were no problem for Elabo.

  •  Ergonomic workstations
  •  Antistatic work surfaces
  • Workstations prepared for heavy usage (24h/7days).


Elabo planned 29 workbench combinations in modular design, equipped for 1 or 2 people.

The single units are ergonomically positioned to the 55“-LCD video wall and therefore provide always a healthy look to all necessary information. Ideal lighting for the 24h-workstation is ensured by saving energy LED lamps.

Spectro 2

For optimal organization and management of the control center - staffed round the clock - each combination have their own side cabinet, which offers enough space, safe through integrated lock, and which were placed under the table top. Elabo also considered TFT holders onto add-on plates, which were positioned backwards to assure the monitoring of the LCD video wall and to take advantage of the whole worksurface.

By choosing the C-foot-variant of tables for the whole U-combination legroom is completely granted.

Spectro 3

We are pleased about this order especially because it is a good start into the further prosperous cooperation between Elabo GmbH and Spectro Data in Russia.


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Elabo starts with new partner Spectro Data successfully in Russia

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