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Tallinn Construction School electricians have a new training base


Tallinn Construction School (vocational school) students who are studying to become an electrician now have a new training base. Elabo equipped the new base with technical workplaces and training tools.


Tallin 2

The entire surface of the training base is 600 square meters. The base has three different learning laboratories where it is possible to exercise the electrical installations and an auditorium for theoretical studies. The laboratories have each 16 studying places, which are divided as follows:


       Laboratory 1 – Electrical safety, electrical grounding, building

                              installation and lighting.

       Laboratory 2 – Complex electro-technical solutions, electrical

                              equipment and electrical measurements.

       Laboratory 3 – Contactors and communication equipment, control of

                              motors, calculation of transformers, different switchboard

                              assembling works.




ELABO workplaces and learning panels are used in every class. The panels assure safety for students and teachers during the learning process.

There are also two books (one for student and one for teacher) containing teaching material for theoretical and practical teaching while using the learning panels.


ELABO learning panels give students a great knowledge of modern technology and helps them to become successful electricians.


Again, our customer relies on the well known and proven Elabo quality standard.









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