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ELABO complete key-project in Turkey


The shortage of skilled professionals is an on going issue in Turkey.
With an annual growth of 12% and a small core of skilled professionals, Turkish
Trade and Industry had to find a solution.
As a solution Anakara chamber of commerce has founded the first private High-school, the main target is establishing a standard comparable to the German “Duale Ausbildung”, meaning students have to participate with theoretical and practical education.
The theoretical section will be offered by the new High-school, and the practical part shall be provided by Businesses.

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In the past it was the company’s fear of loosing students to rival companies, once they had finished their exams and qualified.
Now companies are sponsoring the new High-school, more companies will be encouraged to  train their own staff, which will lead to a better and higher availability of qualified
The exams will be established to a common standard, presently the Turkish ministry of education is negotiating with Germany for the mutual acceptance for the exam matrix.

ELABO awarded the contract!

It was the comprehensive solution that ELABO offered, which contained the technical training systems ‘TrainingsSysteme GmbH’ as well as the network controlled laboratory benches, and the outstanding design of a network training room with PrimusOne® laboratory benches, was one of the deciding factors which gained ELABO success against international competition.

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Next step!

The next stage of the project will see the Ankara chamber of commerce and ELABO collaborating to educate the instructing tutors of the High-school, ensuring maximum qualification, and high success rate in cooperation with all parties participating in this enterprise.

ELABO always supports education – because the future starts today!

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ELABO complete key-project in Turkey

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