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ELABO Test devices – our perennial favorites


Now also available with USB, Ethernet or RS-232 interface.

AUG: PE_90-2A

For many years the ELABO test devices are used as stand-alone devices or as components for automatic test systems. Now integrating of devices into automatic test systems will be even easier.


With the recently available USB, Ethernet or RS-323 interfaces the devices can be integrated into every system.


Particularly for OEM users the possibility to integrate Network drivers for free and thereby being able to minimize the programming efforts is very interesting.


ELABO has extended the range of interfaces for the following devices:


- PE conductors

- Insulation testers

- Leakage current testers


In combination with the Elabo Elution software package, there are many various applications to use the devices in your running production.

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ELABO Test devices – our perennial favorites

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