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Primus One Test System


In designing a customer-specific testing system for charging cables for electric vehicles, ELABO once again demonstrates its strengths as both a leading test system producer and innovative manufacturer of high-quality workstation systems.
Our objective was clear: the client needed a technologically advanced test system in an ergonomically and aesthetically appealing package.
Design illustration:


The solution consisted in the seamless integration of the proven ELABO testing technology into a Primus One table, creating a perfect whole. The basis for the system is a 2-meter system stem table with built-in 19“ racks for the test equipment. The Primus One sections were extended at the corners and the spaces in between sheathed in plexiglas, thus creating an enclosed testing area. A photoelectric barrier was integrated into the front portion of the system to ensure the integrity of the testing area during the testing process.


Also integrated into the testing table are modular test adapters which can be swapped in and out depending on the design of the power cable. The ergonomic configuration of the rear table legs makes it easy to connect all types of test adapters.


The values tested are the continuity and insulation resistance of the individual power cables. The proper contacting of the single conductors is tested via video monitoring.















Primus One Test System

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