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VDE safety testing of steam cookers


The regular customers of Elabo have always been home appliances manufacturers in all areas. This is not surprising, most testing laboratories work with test equipment and systems of the German manufacturer, too. This gives users the security of always having a comparable and sufficient equipment satifies current requirements.


Test systems for testing of steamers in different levels of automation are in the portfolio of Elabo GmbH since many years.


The recently re-equipped development laboratories (using ELABO Inform) are now completed with a test system, which allows developers to perform all required safety tests according to EN 60335-1.


2012_03_06 Herde 500

Illustr. of delivered test stand



Details of integrated measurement:


- Power Supply: 3 x 100 .. 270/465 VAC

- Testing current: 3 x 0 .. 20 A

- High volateg test: 0,1 .. 5 kV AC / 0,2 .. 6 KV DC

- High volateg test: 0,1 .. 5 kV AC / 0,2 .. 6 KV DC in operating conditions

- Insulation test: 0 .. 6.000 VDC; 0 .. 35 MOhm

- Earth wire test: 10 .. 32 AAC; 0 .. 500 mOhm

- Leakage current test according to EN 60335-1 1~/3~


Elabo has a wide range of industry solutions for manufacturers of components and equipment. From manually operated testing devices through to automated systems.

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Source: Thomas Seeger, ELABO GmbH – a company of the euromicron Group


VDE safety testing of steam cookers

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