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Energy measurement in twin


To compare different home appliances with each other, the so-called energy label was introduced. Different testing laboratories - especially the VDE Testing and Certification Institute realizes for the classification of the products extensive series of measurements. What few people know: The Elabo company has been building the necessary test facilities for this purpose since lots of years.


Recently, another system was then designed and delivered. Special feature: The newly developed software package ELUTION® allows - by using multi-screen technology - the simultaneous performance measurement and presentation of two test runs. So the realized twin-measurement system can be measure one subject, while the second is connected independently of this and started.


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Illustration of realitzed test system



Most of household equipment sold in Europe has come into tuch with a warming- or energy-teststand of Elabo. Since more than 20 years the German company conceives such kind of equipment for well-known testing institutes, such as the VDE test and certification institute in Offenbach, and for different manufacturers of the line of business.

Having dropped the developers for this himself: The brand-new software package Elabo elution was developed further for this test stand series and offers an impressive performance range now for this application case.

With the software package ElutionSystem Elabo defines a new benchmark for test stand software. Different software functionalities make comfortable dealing with the complex matter of the test technology possible for the user in the concrete case of energy measurement. Freely definable user and application images make dealing with the system easier for the user.
The visualization of the measurements as well as the following evaluation of the data are supported by extensive tools.

Details of integrated measurement:


- 2 programmable power-supply units

- 2 power measurement units

- 2 x 10 measurement channels for Thermocouples

- 2 Flow meters

- 2 Counter inputs for impuls coders

- Revolution speed measurement

- Revolution direction recording



Elabo has a wide range of industry solutions for manufacturers of components and equipment. From manually operated testing devices through to automated systems.

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Source: Thomas Seeger, ELABO GmbH – a company of the euromicron Group


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Energy measurement in twin

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