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Isolated electrician tools 100% safe!


Manufacturers of isolated electrician tools attach high importance to the quality of their products. After production the Plastic-insulant tongs, screwdrivers and side cutting pliers have to be tested according to EN 60900 (high voltage test in the water bath). The German company Elabo has conceived flexible test systems for this application case for many years.

At once two different manufacturers had decided in favour of one such test system each from Elabo in the third quarter 2011 and at present are supplied.
The systems automated with a PLC also offer a constant liquid standard besides an adjustable immersion depth by an integrated pump. A firmly integrated electrode in the water basin forms one pole of the high voltage. The suspension for the tools forms the other pole. The test takes place for operator protection in a locked chamber.

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Main data:

- Test voltage 50 .. 10.000 VAC
- Tool fixures: 12






Elabo has a wide range of industry solutions for manufacturers of components and equipment. From manually operated testing devices through to automated systems.

Contact our sales experts for more information.

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Robust, economical and reliable. Guaranteed!

Source: Thomas Seeger, ELABO GmbH – a company of the euromicron Group


Isolated electrician tools 100% safe!

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