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Flexible testing of heating elements


  How can we test heating elements economically in small batches with a high degree of product variance at the manufacturing plant? This was the question confronting the manufacturer's specialists when they decided on a one-stop supplier who could provide the test technology, including the necessary software solution, and the workstation, as a complete package.

ELABO was able to fulfil all these requirements and recently delivered an all-in-one solution: a robust test workstation with a work surface capable of withstanding high temperatures. The considerable dimensions – the system is approx. 3 metres wide and more than 2.2 metres tall – of the workstation were the least of the challenges facing the specialists in Crailsheim. In addition to the various individual modules – some of which are networked with computers – made up of ELABO modular system kits, a software solution which integrates the system into the customer's existing EDP landscape was also developed.


News Heizelemente Aug 2011


Illustration of the all-in-one solution provided



Test technology:

Voltage supply: 3x 0 - 800 VAC/63 A; each phase regulated individually

Measurement of PE conductor resistance: I = 10 - 32 A; U = 6/12 VAC; R = 0 - 1,200 mOhm

Insulation resistance measurement: U = 50 - 1,200 VDC; R = 0 - 10/100/1,000 MOhm

High-voltage test: U = 0 - 5,000 VAC; I = 0 - 100 mA

Resistance measurement: 0 - 0.2/2/20/200/2,000 Ohm

Temperature measurement: PT100; type K, current input, voltage input


News Heizelemente Aug 2011 SW1

Illustration of the sequencer software interface



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Illustration of the flexible test plan editor

Elabo has a wide spectrum of industry solutions for manufacturers of components and equipment. From manually operated testing devices through to automated systems.

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Source: Thomas Seeger, ELABO GmbH – a company of the Euromicron Group

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