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Components for offshore wind power stations


For decades direct current has played a primary role in the transmission of power over long distances. Energy is also transmitted between offshore wind power stations and continental supply grids using direct current. To keep voltage losses to a minimum, direct current in wind parks must be as "smooth" as possible. Smoothing capacitors are tested under extreme loads by the manufacturer before delivery.

Elabo, based in Crailsheim, Germany, has for many years developed test systems for capacitors. Elabo's test technology specialists were therefore also the first choice for this recent project and created two complete test lines in just four months. The systems were handed over on schedule at the Spanish plant of a leading international capacitor manufacturer.

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Image: Delivered systems

The test system parameters are worthy of note:

- Two measurement stations for spot-knocking (up to 12,000 V each)
- Avalanche test for load testing (up to 2 x 15,000 A)
- Capacity measurements
- Identification system
- Fully automated parts handling
- Cycle time: 15 seconds

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Image: Measurement station

Servo-controlled drives and axles make it possible to handle a wide range of dimensions. Multiple high-current contact pins connected in parallel facilitate the adaptation of components to be tested so that currents of up to 12,000 A can be safely passed through them.

Each system is controlled by two networked PC systems. The software solutions for this application were assembled from the comprehensive pool of available software modules and supplemented to meet the customer's needs. The integration of a powerful SQL database allows the customer to save results so that they are 100% traceable.


Image: Software interface

Elabo has a wide spectrum of industry solutions for manufacturers of components and equipment. From manually operated testing devices through to automated systems.
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