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Serial-produced pressure washers


Pressure washers for private and commercial use also have to complete a series of tests before they can be put on the market. The tests can only be passed when performance matches the specifications, immense pressure is generated, and the required amount of water is discharged from the state-of-the-art cleaning machines.

ELABO recently designed and supplied another test bench for the same purpose to a renowned manufacturer of these products. A wide adjustment range of 1 or 3-phase supply voltages allows the market leader from southern Germany to test products intended for a range of target markets around the world. In addition to typical safety tests, electrical and other physical performance values are measured. Typical loads can be simulated by using a variety of nozzles during testing.

A comprehensive software package controls the testing system and makes it easy to manage the data. A wide range of users can use the “Enterprise Reporting” software module to create measurement logs and automatically output statistics and production overviews.
Image of the test bench




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Image of the test bench



Test data:


Supply voltage: 3 x 0 .. 500 500 VAC
3 x 0 .. 35 A
50 / 60 Hz

Pressure: 0 .. 250 bar
Flow rate: 0 .. 1200 l/h
Power: U: 3 x 0 .. 500 V
I: 3 x 0 .. 40 A

High voltage test: 0 .. 5,000 VAC
0 .. 6,000 VDC
0 .. 3 mA

PE conductor resistance: 0 .. 1,200 mOhm
10 .. 35 A
6 / 12 VAC   


Elabo offers a broad range of industry solutions for all sectors of the household appliance and electrical tool industries - from manually-operated test devices to fully automatic systems.

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