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New Energy boosts growth at ELABO


Whether it is solar panels, inverters or also switching units - ELABO has established itself as a manufacturer of high-grade measuring and testing systems for every type of application in the solar industry. In 2010 about 60 systems were designed, built and supplied to manufacturers and OEM partners in this sector. The number of units tested worldwide using ELABO test systems goes thus into the millions.


The bandwidth of ELABO solutions ranges from standalone safety test devices for testing and certification institutions through to partially or fully automated test systems for the manufacturing industry. In addition, our workplace systems division has supplied assembly and laboratory workstations for assembly, development and service operations.


G1-1B Zubehör































High-voltage tester for manually testing solar modules




G1-1T Zubehör






































High-voltage system module for integration into automatic test systems


 Solar Serie






























 Modular TestSystems for solar inverters




At the end of the year, we landed a major project for testing components of offshore wind power plants. ELABO will continue to demonstrate that it is a reliable and innovative partner of manufacturers in the New Energy sector.

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New Energy boosts growth at ELABO

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