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Test devices can be flexibly expanded


There is often a need to include additional functionalities at test stations.


- Switch panels
- Handling/adaptation control
- Controlling of marking devices
- Incorporation of additional measuring technology

- ...


ELABO now has the solution for small and medium-size systems - with or without computer control.





An interface module that can be additionally integrated makes it possible to include digital and analogue input and output signals in the programmable test sequence. This means that handling or configuration steps can be incorporated at any point in the test programme. Naturally, this also includes waiting times and the possibility of logically linking input signals. External measuring technology can be connected up by means of analogue input signals. The values displayed are standardized beforehand to the definable base value.










BestPerformance DAS front groß





































We have an additional treat to offer to the growing number of our OEM customers: It goes without saying that this functionality can also be implemented via interface. One or the other interface card can thus be dispensed with.



BestPerformance DAS rueck groß






































You can obtain more detailed information from our sales experts.

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Test devices can be flexibly expanded

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