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Elabo Makes Solar Series Possible


The solar industry has long since arrived at serial production, which also places increased demands on a fast and, at the same time, precise verification/testing procedure for all components. In response, Elabo has developed and provided a test station for power inverters (Requirement N 50178).

New demands in terms of output, variance, and quality tests require new test concepts and maximum automation of verification and testing processes.

Testing a large number of different inverters requires frequent changeovers. To achieve maximum output, it is therefore necessary to optimize the changeover time (format change). Therefore, in project planning for the new test stations particular emphasis was put on Elabo's delivering a highly adaptable test technology.

Elabo's test cells were also optimized for high product variance. Both the test cell and especially the required exchangeable test adapters had to be planned and implemented in parallel with product development/pilot series. The extensive experience of Elabo's test systems workers proved particularly helpful during this process.

The automated stations are based on the Elabo TestSystems HW basic module elements and the Elabo TestSystems testing software with basic test sequences.

The items to be tested are manually placed on trolleys and pushed into the test system, where they are automatically immobilized in the test position. The operator starts the testing process by pushing the two-hand control buttons. The system closes the testing space and electronically contacts the item to be tested electronically via an interchangeable adapter. With that, the electrical tests are underway.

solar wechselrichter


_ Streamlined testing process
_ A base test station for all products
_ Easy to adjust to all product sizes
_ Automated relay test
_ Automated test of electrical contacts
_ RFID/ 2D Barcode test data recognition

PE test: 0-32A, 0-1.200 Ohm 
HV test: 100 - 500 V AC/DC 
FU test: Current measurement/airflow measurement                                                          
Test points: 15 freely definable HV TP 
Adaption: interchangeable adapter
RFID/2D: Test sequence selection 
Cycle time: < 60 sec.


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