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Company History

The name shows the way: the “E” of “Electro” and “labo” of “Laboratory” – “Elabo”. The company founders, Heinrich Decker and Egon Lauton, used this name to assert their claim to competence. And indeed, development labs and the quality assurance labs of the electronics industry were Elabo’s first large clients for which it developed – and still does – integrated system solutions: ergonomically conceived workstations with fully integrated electronics devices that mainly originate from Elabo’s own product development.

Shortly after the initial success, there was strong demand from training institutions in the electrical sector. A lab trainee programme was devised, specially tailored to the didactic tasks and demands of the every-day training routine. The “Lab” application area was then merged into the larger area of “Quality Assurance”.

Elabo entered production-integrated quality testing – first by developing and producing special test equipment, then by engineering individual client solutions.

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historie 1 kl   2008…
Elabo introduces the Elabo EHP Net+Lab that combines network technology and user software into one integrated system – a solution that is unparalleled in the business.

historie 2 kl   Since 2000…
At the beginning of the new decade, Elabo met the challenge of significantly increased demand by completely modernising its company structures. The number of competitors quadrupled. The supply market developed an unprecedented capacity. Technological development in IT and CT almost took on revolutionary dimensions. Great challenges accompanied great opportunities. In the wake of those changes, Elabo devolved from a medium-sized company to a modern, efficiently organized and very flexible industrial company and integrated service provider.

historie 3 kl   1995…
Since 1995, Elabo has been a member of the Euromicron Group. Elabo’s affiliated companies include developers, producers, and distributors in the areas of network technology, safety technology, and fibre optics technology.

historie 4 kl
  Since 1980…
Elabo started its engineering and special purpose machine construction for fully and semi-automated test systems in the electronics industry in the early eighties. Since then, Elabo has developed into one of the internationally leading providers in this competence area.

historie 5 kl   From 1972 on…
Elabo stands for more than 35 years of experience in electronics and electrical engineering. As one of its pioneers, Elabo early on set the standards with regard to equipping laboratories and special rooms for the electrical industry and for qualified training. The modular InForm technical workstation system introduced in 1992 is one of Elabo’s groundbreaking developments.
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