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Vorschau: transportwagen Accessories Program

ELABO Accessories


- complete extension program 

  for customized solutions





 Vorschau: Zubehör Software


Software for
  • Individual test devices 
  • Combi-testers 
  • Small test systems

Housings and plug-in modules
  • Plug-in module housings 
  • Euroracks, mini racks 
  • Empty plug-in modules 
  • Guiding rails 
  • Jack plate 
  • Module rack
Vorschau: Zubehör Gehäusestapel

Zubehör Prüfkäfig Test cages
  • High-voltage test cages

High-voltage testing accessories
  • High-voltage test guns 
  • High-voltage cables 
  • Warning signs, warning lamp sets, barrier posts 
  • Chain 
  • Foot switch 
  • Two-hand tripping device 
  • Base load resistor 
  • High-voltage plugs, receptacles, relays
Zubehör Pistolen

94-6D_praxis Contactings
  • Pneumatic sockets, universal sockets 
  • Cable clamp boxes 
  • Cable clamp 
  • Grounding conductor test stylus 
  • Measurement lines 
  • Temperature probe

Dummy test 
  • Dummy modules 
  • Calibration resistances
Zubehör Dummy      

Zubehör Spitze Spare parts
  • Probes 
  • Replacement lamps


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