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Elabo is a member of the Euromicron Group. All companies of the group focus on the competence area of electronics, related areas and corresponding applications. The group employs close to 1000 persons. Spanning Germany with a tight network of plants and branches, it is also well positioned internationally.

Being part of the Euromicron Group enables Elabo to benefit from synergistic advantages, especially regarding the great competence in network technology. Data connection is of eminent importance today, both for Elabo’s test systems and technical workstations, including those in the training sector.

High-performance transfer technologies become increasingly relevant; fibre optic cables from the development and production of Euromicron are technical components that are setting the trend. Safety technology equally gains in importance for Elabo´s clients. Many Elabo projects concern development areas in e.g. the automotive industry. Such highly sensitive areas require the entire technological spectrum: from access authorisation to fire and burglary prevention.

Process control stations at airports, data processing centres, police stations, and in energy supply also require comprehensive solutions of this kind. Affiliated companies with the respective know-how and successful products on the market enable Elabo to provide clients with highly performing integrated solutions of excellent quality.

euromicron 1 kl Monitor Systems
Euromicron is installing safety, communications, data, and video surveillance systems for Deutsche Bahn.

euromicron 2 kl Network Solutions
Various plants of Daimler AG, among which the plant in Rastatt, rely on Euromicron for their network equipment.

euromicron 3 kl Certified Supplier
Euromicron is a certified supplier of Deutsche Telekom and integrator for the high-speed access project.
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