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Concept Development
A Systematic Approach
to High Productivity
Sophisticated configurations can at times achieve enormous efficiency advantages when dealing with more complex systems. For almost four decades, Elabo has been active in the most diverse areas of electronic engineering applications, product development, production, quality assurance, and assembly. We provide our clients with the knowledge we have gained, via our Integral Configuration Development (ICD) .

Konzept 1 Demanding and Practice-Oriented
The core of the Elabo ICD Service consists of a differentiated systems vision ultimately resulting in a concrete concept. The practice-oriented and immediately implementable concept defines the product in its optimal form, both as individual instrument and as part of a process network:
  • This definition addresses the main and additional functions that the product must fulfil according to requirement analysis.
  • Both functional processes and material flows have been taken into account.
  • The interfaces of the product and its integration into its operational environment are resolved.
  • The interlinking potentials and, if applicable, the automation technology potentials with regard to the product purpose are fully exhausted.
  • The user interfaces are designed for the user according to ergonomic and psychological workplace aspects.
  • All relevant impact factors have been recorded and appropriately integrated.

Last but not least, all aspects important to the medium- and long-term profitability have entered the concept.

Konzept 2 Technical Competence
The process of an Elabo IKE project follows the professional standards of development processes and can be presented in a simplified manner:

1. Situation Analysis
ST – Analysis: What is the initial situation? Which parameters determine the application area of the new system?

2. Target Definition
Target Definition: Which state is desirable? Which are the goals fixed for the area to which the system belongs? And which contributions are expected from the new system (system-related sub targets)?

3. Concept design
In which manner and by which means can the target situation be achieved? How to configure the system and what environmental adjustments are relevant to success? (with approx. three alternatives)

4. Evaluation
Evaluation of the concept designs according to commercial and technical considerations.

5. Decision and implementation impulse.

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