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Assembly + Commissioning
New Benefit 
Without Glitches
If you want to buy a new product you quickly want to find about the benefit of this investment without experiencing any complications on your way to getting there. We try our best to fulfil this particular client wish during, for example, the assembly of the system and its commissioning in the lab or at the client’s production facility.

Elabo assumes responsibility for the commissioning at the final destination and relieves the client from all risks (key word: Risk Transfer). Our clients also take advantage of the Elabo Assembly Service during reorganisations and when moving.

Montage 3 Turnkey solutions
If client prefers, many products are so simple that they can be quickly assembled without outside help. Easily intelligible assembly instructions come along with the products and many modules are already pre-assembled.
Whatever the situation, the client can always use the Elabo Assembly Service. We actually recommend this for more complex systems. In simple terms, the assembly and commissioning process is as follows:

1. Assembly Planning and Preparation, including:
  • Determining conditions on site (e.g. unloading possibilities, if necessary, provision of a forklift, floor on which assembly will take place, lift, dimensions of doors and staircases, power and possibly compressed air outlets on site, specific conditions such as visitor's passes, work hours, etc.)
  • Coordination with other persons required for the assembly (e.g. caretaker, company electrician, etc.)
  • Packing in units corresponding to the particular set-up, especially if several products are meant for different rooms or for one large room.

2. Assembly
  • Products are pre-assembled at Elabo's (e.g. superstructures and slide-in modules are wired and only have to be centrally connected) so that as little of the client's time is consumed as possible
  • All pre-assembled units are tested with regard to function and quality
  • Transport of products with experienced logistics providers
  • Trained Elabo specialists and/or technicians from reliable partner companies all over Europe take care of the product and system assembly at the client's.

3. Commissioning
  • We integrate complex systems or test devices into the existing production process, i.e. linking with conveyer belts, positioning into interlinked assembly lines, etc.
  • Commissioning of system with systematic functionality checks
  • Connecting to internal computer systems in cooperation with client computer experts; installation of networks, connection to EPS systems if necessary.
  • Data transfer function control
  • If desired, installation and commissioning of a remote access for subsequent service support (e.g. loading updates)
  • Finally, documented system approval


Test 8 User Training
If client desires, in the context of the commissioning we also train users to operate the system. This may concern particularly demanding tasks, as for example the compilation of further test programmes for test systems. We also instruct clients´ employees in equipment maintenance and servicing if the company plans on handling such tasks internally.
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